About Us

Sudhaya offers single-source capability that ensures control over every aspect of system development and cost. The result of this approach is to deliver the reliable and scalable solution with exceptionally fast payback. We are in a position to offer round the clock and rapid deployment of solutions to software Development and Maintenance Problems, through the usage of a blend of on-site, offsite and offshore methodologies.

Sudhaya offers solutions on automation for Process, Industrial, Manufacturing and various other applications and with the solutions can take many forms, such as adding new software features, developing an interface between various design and analysis software tools, integration of legacy data into current operations, large scale solutions involving development and integration of hardware, networking, commercial and custom software. As companies continue to focus on streamlining organizational processes, in the present form”Sudhaya” will offer cross-functional implementation team ensuring information flow efficiently throughout the enterprise with following benefits;

  • Faster processes
  • Tighter integration between process steps
  • Reducing the number of process steps
  • Electronic workflow
  • Automation of repetitive tasks (eliminating associated errors)
  • Integration between various software & hardware components
  • ISO integration

Our expertise covers a wide range of services in

  • Hardware and real-time software design for embedded microcontroller systems using OpenCL framework.
  • Product design experience in the fields of industrial instrumentation, software, data logging, communications, consumer products and distributed control systems using Software Communications Architecture[SCA]
  • Embedded Controller system design - Embedded DOS, real time systems
  • Industrial Control and monitoring systems
  • Programmable Logic Controller interface
  • Data Acquisition
  • Product Development from any phase of development cycle
  • High-speed PCB layout
  • User application software
  • Embedded firmware
  • Embedded system based Diagnostic tool with data logging capabilities
  • Linux based embedded web server for remote monitoring and performance tuning

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